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Last week we talked about living in a contextual world or letting the content of the world define you. This had led me to the conclusion that in the whole of human history we have never been as lucky as we are right now.. Now bear with me, before the replies of “Have you been living under a rock for the last couple months?!” Hear me out. Ok, so yes there is a virus knocking about which is causing a lot of issues but it’s still not the bubonic plague, there’s no real threat of war, scrub that. No threat of a war or conflict that directly affects us. I know this comes from a point of privilege as I’m living in Britain, a ‘peaceful’ country that at the moment wages its wars overseas, out of sight out of mind for the British people, not so much for the people in the Middle East though.

But for me, and for many of you, we have everything that we could ever have right at our fingertips. Right up and down the social scale we have more opportunities than ever, better access to goods, services and experiences that can enrich our lives. So why are we so unhappy? Why think so poorly of ourselves so often?

Both Sam and I are technophiles, we love technology. Technology is freeing, it releases the shackles of geography and tears down barriers allowing you so much freedom to pursue new things and meet new people. If it wasn’t for technology, you wouldn’t be able to carry around an entire library of books in your back pocket. Or even better! You wouldn’t be able to get all of my books free on Kindle Unlimited. Technology allowed me to become an author, no more having to go through a huge publishing house to edit, market and distribute. I can do it myself online. We shamelessly sit with popcorn in June and sit through the entire Apple WWDC. The tech is mind blowing what they come up with, but for us, the creativity captivates us; we are privileged to be alive today; we have to hang on to this in these turbulent times.

Without the internet you wouldn’t be able to listen to The ‘I HATE This Book’ Podcast on your morning commute or even if you wanted at the top of a mountain! Isn’t that just incredible?! You never have to miss out in the next chapter, which last week has Alex Brown digging deeper into Gordon Gormley in the interview room after the revelation of what was on his hard drive. Sam is getting slightly more used to the goings on now, though I doubt she’ll ever recover from some earlier chapters. Don’t forget to tune in wherever you get your podcasts this week to listen how Ricky lambert tracks Tracey, the office assistant that has gone on the run.

It is not just the internet though, in the medical world things have changed so much because of research and technology. One day, surgery for bowel cancer will be a thing of the past. Even orthopaedics has changed, a professor of surgery once told us at a conference that when he was going through his examinations interviews before being appointed a consultant in London, the question ‘How do you treat someone with hip pain’ was correctly answered with the reply ‘Give them a walking stick and some aspirin.’ 

Now we have an MRI to determine what type of hybrid hip replacement you will have inserted, you come in and three days later you’re discharged. Some hospitals that are trialing enhanced recovery can discharge you the same day! There is even a hybrid knee replacement that is 3D printed to the exact specifications of the patient’s knee form scanned images, so when the diseased bone surfaces are sawn and chiselled off, what we put is is an exact carbon copy of what was there before the disease ravaged the joined making recovery and rehab even quicker and more effective – Being told not to drop it in theatre brought an extra level of stress I Can tell you..

I was reading recently a Forbes article; it quoted Aubry de Grey that the first 150 year person has already been born – Like, just think about that for a second, I am 50 in three weeks’ time, mind bending right, I think my pension provider would be a little pissed off? 

Based on psychological finding and our understanding of the human condition has never been better. It’s the power of positive thinking, along with incredible medical research and science. This synergistic meld of clear thinking, good upbringing, eating nutritious food and tapping into first-class medical science is truly a possibility. I think my bones will expire when I am 94, I kind of know it.

I could write a book on the advancements in the medical world just in my lifetime and witnessed in my career, although COVID-19 has put the stoppers on this as they work towards a vaccine instead. The research will start up again and who knows where we will be at in a few years’ time. I for one am excited, and when looking at the context in which we live, we need to all learn to appreciate our lives more.

Have a great weekend people, and don’t forget to hit the link and check out the podcast I hate This Book.

Stay Frosty.


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