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Just finished this book! Oh my god!!! Amazing!! Characters are so real. I was nearly late for work several. Times as I squeezed in just one more chapter. Gory. Descriptive. Brilliant!

Kirsty, UK

The Most Brutal Medical Thriller of 2020 By day, he saves lives…By night; he takes them.

The attention to detail in this medical thriller is incredible!

World-renowned liver surgeon, Dale Broc has a dark side. Young and driven, his bedside manner and analytical brain have made him one of the most respected liver transplant specialists alive. But what if the person who said they would save you gets off on watching you die? 

Broc becomes embroiled in the Sun Ye On Triad as part of a black-market organ transplant business and spends his free time kidnapping victims and stripping them of their organs piece by piece – while they’re watching. Until one day, police sergeant Alex Brown finds human flesh in a recycling plant. Hot on Broc’s heels, Brown uncovers a world of commerce, deviancy, and assassins, as she tries to catch a serial killer who is always one step ahead of her investigation. Can a psychopathic medical genius, protected by the rich and powerful, be caught by Brown? Or will she become one of his victims?

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Buy It Now either as an E-book or a paperback, whatever your flavour.

More About The Harvester

Broc’s method of killing fits well with the psychopathic mind. He uses modern technology and daring surgical prowess to dissect his victim’s while there are awake, watching as the mad man removes their organs.

With the victim hooked up to a heart-lung bypass machine called the ECMO, Broc can have his victims sit ringside while the insane doctor performs the most horrible of murders.

Hannibal Lecter is in the minor leagues compared to Dale Broc, sit back, hold your breath and let the madness of Dale Broc wash over you all the while, an intrepid, dogmatic detective is hot on his tails.


Buy It Now either as an E-book or a paperback, whatever your flavour.