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Thank you for being a supporter to my creative genius is not lost on me how appreciative I am. To write creatively takes just more than energy and time, it also takes money. I would like to do this on a full-time basis and when I last check in my supermarket, it wasn’t a registered charity, and eating is a think I love to do. It ranked in the top five things that I enjoy doing as a pastime. So your support in all seriousness is profoundly appreciated and grateful for this opportunity to entertain, inspire, educate and maybe disturb you.

Something that we will do. Going forward is broadcasting the minisode, and to the Patreon subscribers, there will be a fictional short story on the killer. A notable victim, maybe their modus operandi, their arrest and trial. Using fiction added to the actual events to bring the event to life. Giving you the reader a broader understanding to the psychopathy and narcism of people that lets face it, fascinate us, and why is that?

The first serial killer that I can remember was Peter Sutcliffe. I remember driving into the UK from Germany and ‘The Ripper’ was all over the news like a tramp on chips. What gripped me because I had little understanding of what was happening, but the what I remember the most was how scared people were. I remember my grandmother advising my mother to be careful out there because the Ripper was running amok. How ridiculous was that, reflecting, the Ripper was a Leeds killer? We were in the West Midlands, some 200 miles away.

Anyway, I am digressing, this is a dimension that I am really excited about. Once we hit twelve killers, I will publish those stories in a compendium.

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