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Ding Dong The Bells A Ringing…

This week I watched my son get married and as a parent this is the strangest of feelings, although the wedding was planned, it was supposed to be on the 3rd July but Covid-19 saw to that, the phone call to the time of the wedding was four days. A wedding fit for how both Sam and I run our lives, spontaneous and always throwing caution to the wind, the wedding went ahead and boy wasn’t it worth it.

On the eve of my own wedding anniversary, thirty years ago to the most amazing woman. A woman that I have spent the greater part my life fulfilling my vows to make her happy, to serve her, to honour and to love her. These thirty years could have been the happiest years of my life and we’re still young, we still have at least another thirty or maybe, if the universe allows, even another forty years ahead of us. To stand at the alter with him at a wedding arranged in the strangest of circumstances, with only the smallest of congregations watching on. Just five of us in a colossal Catholic Cathedral, to watch Jorden, my son, experience the same feelings and emotions that I had at the alter. To be able to see them become one, to see him look at the woman that has come into not only his, but our lives, with so much love and joy was special. I know that they will have the same rewarding union as Sam and I do.

The union of marriage is an institution that I applaud, love and cherish. I never once take for granted the love that I have for my wife, nor do I take for granted the love that Sam has for me. It’s something that we celebrate each and every day. It is easy to become complacent with anything over time, but it is the conscious effort to appreciate all that you do for each other that keeps a marriage strong.

Monday was a day that my psychological self needed. I needed this time to take a step back and appreciate that love is boundless, it knows no limitations. The only limitations we place on love is ourselves, and as a human being, we are gifted with the conscious thought of love, it resonates, it feeds us, it nurtures us, yet why are we so resistant to it?

Why do we fight against love, when sometimes it’s so obvious? When its right in front of our faces, we choose to reject it. We too easily shy away, or struggle to accept love even when it is trying to take us by the hand. Why we do fight to expel it from our hearts as if it was cancer? Today was a fine example to how love spreads through every cell in your body.

I watched Jenwin glide down the aisle to the glorious tune of Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major, one of Sam’s favourite classical scores, I heard it, the silence that hung in the air, the anticipation and the nervousness that came just before the doors opened and the light streamed in, bringing with it Jenwin, almost floating amongst the sunlight, into the cathedral. The angels sang in the eves of this magnificent church and I felt the cooling of a tear roll down my cheek as this incredible vision unfolded in front of me, I thought of the love that I have for my own beautiful woman.

Though this day was a celebration for Jorden and the love that he shares for Jenwin, as a parent it was a reminder that, I too am this blessed. Doubly blessed, because I have the love of my twin flame Sam, and now Jenwin has come into our lives to complete the life of my son Jorden. How lucky is he, and how lucky am I to have this in my life?

In the sadness of the current national mood and tone, in the ashes of the misery that is happening all around the world, the glory of love, hope and promise is alive and well in the folds of my family.


Although ceremony was short, sweet and incredibly intimate, it failed to not touch each and everyone of us in that moment. It was a real reminder of the glory of love, that it is not too fruitless to be hopeful, that even now in these times we should aim for at least this.

Both Sam and I are more than just soul mates, we are what is called twin flames. A lot of people have heard of soul mates, but not many have heard about twin flames. A soul mate is someone formed with the same energy as you, but with soul mates, your souls didn’t exist together as one, that’s what a twin flame is. The idea that a soul, split in two, lands in different bodies, so when they come together, there is a much more intense connection. Often romantic, but not always, it is a higher sense of purpose, a spiritual growth where your world changes when you meet. Both becoming more enlightened, more rewarding and much more joyous.

It’s a union that brings together both masculine and the feminine energies regardless of your gender. This is what I feel when I am in the company of my beautiful wife. This is how I know she is my twin flame. She brings more than joy, more than an esoteric phenomenon that I simply can’t explain. But it isn’t just about how she makes me feel, it’s how she knows how I feel even when I don’t. She is truly a part of me, more than just in tune with my emotions, we are the same, we feel the same. When I see my wife, after thirty years of being her husband, my heart engorges, sometimes other parts engorge but that’s for a different post.

When people ask how we met they cannot believe the story, it is almost cliche. I saw at school for the first time and I knew from that moment I was going to marry her. Sam was walking across the playground at school and I turned to the boy I was stood with, Ian Belshaw and I asked him about this angel that was walking across the playground. “Who was she?” I wanted to know everything about her, how had I never seen her before. He told me her name and I remember, as clear as night follows day, I turned and said to him “I am going to marry that girl,” He of course thought I was crazy… in part this is true, seconds before this I didn’t even know her name, yet here I now was not just telling him, but making a vow to myself that I was going to spend the rest of my life with the vision that had just passed in front of me.

You can think it’s over the top, but I knew from the moment I saw her that we were meant for each other. It wasn’t just that I thought, and still do think, that she is stunningly beautiful. I knew that if we weren’t together we wouldn’t be able to reach our full potential, the love and support that we have given each other over the years has testified to that. From that fateful day it was clear to me that no one else in this world would be the right person for me. The reactions to this story range from “Awww!” To “That’s crazy!” But how crazy is it that both Sam and I are about to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary with the same emotions as our first, and not two hours ago, I could barely keep my hands off of her when she was in the kitchen, the cleaner interrupting my advances.

Are you married to your twin flame? Did your life change for the better when you met your other half? Do you race home to see them? Do you lay in bed and watch them sleep? Is every waking second of thought centred around what that other person is doing, what they are thinking? Do you feel whole when you are together? I hope you do.

The moment I saw Jorden and Jenwin together, I knew that they were twin flames, and how wonderful is that?

Have a wonderful week, and as always,

Stay Frosty.


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