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Harvester is the first book in the Alex Brown medical thriller series.

If you like nail-biting suspense,  gripping characters, and a book which will keep you awake at night then you’ll love Jon Biddle’s graphic tale.

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London Metropolitan Police Detective Alex Brown’s painful past forged her identity. Letting the trauma of her abusive childhood fuel the empathy that drives her work, she’s just returned from mental health leave after a gruesome investigation. But her first case back, faces her with the shocking discovery of human meat in the city’s food chain.

With time running out as she chases the twisted killer, Alex unearths a trail of victims who were forced to watch themselves be dissected. And when she peels back the psychopath’s organ-harvesting triad connections, hunt down a madman intent on turning her into mincemeat.

Can she rip apart a murderous cartel before she’s next on the hook?

Unbelievable to think this is debut novel. From start to end it grips and horrifies.
Characters jump from the pages and the attention to detail was amazing

I look forward to reading the next and the next and the next

Mr Pribojszki

They say that everyone has at least one good book in them, well I’m very happy to hear the Jon has at least six!
This first book in the Broc series is a brilliant read, emotionally challenging, at times brutal, his honest writing will have you gripped from the first page.
I can’t wait for Hypnos, episode 2 of 6 in the Broc series


Brutal but gripping. A fast moving murder story which tests the boundaries of medical intervention in relation to present day possibilities. The author utilises his extensive firearm knowledge to enhance the picture.

Jill Clark

OMG! Next one please – Just finished this book! Oh my god!!! Amazing!! Characters are real. I was nearly late squeezed in just one more chapter. Gory. Descriptive. Brilliant!


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