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‘I hate this book’ Podcast

This is a podcast created in extraordinary circumstances …

He is a  thriller/action writer, she is a cozy mystery and fantasy reader.
Jon & Sam  find ourselves together, isolated during lockdown and…
“I have challenged my wife Sam, to sit and listen to every tawdry sentence of my thriller/horror book, say’s Jon, author of The Harvester. “From every cut of the knife, to the seedy sex clubs that my killer frequents. She will be free to gasp, giggle, comment in the only way I know she will, with her own brutal honesty and I will record every moment for you.” This podcast is less a book read and a more enlightening and humorous exercise.
Jon say;s “I fear this may be as much of a challenge for me, as it is for her.
Sit back, pin your ears, maybe have a stiff drink with me and listen to my podcast “I hate this book”

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NEW – True Crime

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The Latest Episode

26th October 2020


Dean Corll The Candyman 

Albert Fish 

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