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True Crime



Why are we drawn to the most reprehensible characters that walk among us? What fascinates us about the macabre world of some infamous serial killers that have terrorised communities all around the globe? Why is it when the article of a killer that has been apprehended stops us from turning the pages of a newspaper and read in depth how this killer tortured and ultimately killed their victims?

This page addresses some of the most heinous serial killers that have walked the planet and accompanies the podcast I hate This Book, where we deep dive into the murky world of these characters, addressing the psychology that triggers this kind of behaviour. We’re not psychologist by any means but have a human interest in to the emotional side of his these killers manifest, to figure out what drives them and how maybe, their reign of terror could have been avoided.

The killers we feature here are also accompanied by a fictional short story that you can read in Patreon. These shot stories are bases on true events that have been meticulously researched and the story formed. These stories are horrific, filled with suspense, and while the story is fictitious, while you’re reading, remember that they’re based on true events. Put yourself in the victim’s shoes. How would they feel?