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Murky world of Dean Corll aka the Candyman

If you’re like me, you find yourself reading news articles or exposés and becoming fascinated with the story telling. Journalists are like authors in that they have to tell you a story, keep you interested and make you want to read more. The difference is that they deal with facts and a lot smaller word count. Where most people hear the news of a serial killer and fear they will be the next victim, I morbidly find myself thinking about them, what are they doing right now? How are they planning and preparing? Is it anything like my books?

I don’t always have enough information to write a whole series. But instead I like to take the details and create a short story, as if I was a fly on the wall during these atrocities, a silent observer whose job it is to take what I have witnessed and turn it into a narrative you can understand. To make these inhuman people the characters of evil they often are. You can find these on my Patreon Account, stories I have written based on real life crimes that stuck with me. Stories of sociopaths and sadists, paragraphs on psychopaths and perverted people who take a pleasure in the pain and suffering of others. Or worse, an ambivalence to the pain they have caused.

The thing about real life is that it is often scarier than anything you could think of. When you think about some of the most heinous things human beings have done to each other, if you had read it in a story you would have never believed it could be possible. There is no storyline that is too gruesome, too far fetched or too obscene as it has all been down before. That was my thinking anyway as I sat down to write a short story based on the sociopath known as the Candy Killer, Dean Corll was a truly horrendous human being who committed depraved and harrowing acts of violence and torture on young boys and teenagers, some for days on end. 

Of course if you have been listening to The ‘I HATE This Book!’ Podcast each week you will know I am no stranger to gore, I know the sound of a knife in flesh and the crunch of a broken bone well thanks to my day job. It isn’t a lullaby, but it also doesn’t make me wince like it does Sam when I read to her the tortuous intentions of Dale Broc on his victims. That’s why. Have to write these stories, I can’t discuss this with Sam, she hates my book and so more thriller writing wouldn’t be for her. It helps me get a clear understanding of a killer and allows me to share it with you, someone I can discuss with. Which is why you need to head over to Patreon and give them a read, I will be putting one out every two weeks, read one and can’t wait for more? Don’t worry you can listen to the podcast in-between to keep your thriller appetite sated.

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