The Harvester.

My Debut Novel
Launched 10th January 2019

Dale Broc is one of the most gifted surgeons of our times and specialises in liver transplantation. His analytical brain, and bedside manner make him one of the most respected surgeons in the world. However, he has a dark side too.

Broc becomes embroiled in his early life with Tao Ng, a high ranking member of the Sun Ye On Triad who runs a legitimate business in Asia that’s a front for an illegal organ transplant business. Our protagonist uses this relationship to feed his sociopathic tendencies. Getting off on dissection and removing his victims’ organs.

Alex Brown, a dogmatic and driven police sergeant has discovered human meat in the food chain. Alex uncovers a world of commerce, sexual deviancy, Korean assassins, and a serial killer always one step ahead of her investigation.


The excerpt below is from the initial edit and may not be the final, published version.

Lucy was staring up at the van ceiling.  She could feel everything. Lucy’s lower back was painful, like when you would spend too long in bed on a Sunday morning, the low light to her right had sounds emanating from it. Lucy went to move her head in the direction, but her thought just remained like that, just thoughts. She was confused, her muscles were screaming, as the lactic acid was burning in her joints. What was going on, she thought.

She remembered the previous evening, walking to her car, she remembered the man in the car park, she remembered falling and wetting herself, then him placing the mask over her face and the familiar smell of the anaesthetic gas. Lucy felt weirdly warm, not cold considering the alarming state she thought she was in, she felt safe.

There was no doubt she was in a van. She could see the fittings in the thin roof. There was a whirling circular contraption, she guessed was the other side you see when a builders van goes past, driving fresh air into the rear of the van, spinning in the wind.

There was a sound from outside. She felt someone approach the van. All her muscles remained dormant. Dead like, she couldn’t scream, she was trying to tense up, but nothing, she couldn’t sit up, she couldn’t even use her hands to protect her modesty. The van clunked, and then the familiar sound of a security system was bleeping. The same sound she remembered last night. The driver’s door opened, she could hear the scraping of the man’s shoes on the tarmac outside. The man heaved himself in, there was manly grunt as he did, the van dipped momentarily on its suspension, and then the door slammed shut.  here was a pause, then the switching of levers and the audible sound of computerized devices. Her hearing, augmented, could hear everything, even his breathing. It was laboured. The inner door latch made a noise, and the door opened and the lights, like razor blades cut through Lucy’s eyes as her irises in her eyes narrowed rapidly, as the brilliant light started burning the back of her retinas. Her automatic thoughts screamed at her to raise her hands to shield her eyes, nothing moved. Her eyes in a fixed stare, unable to move, she was desperate to see the man that had taken her. Without her eyes moving, it didn’t take long for him to come into view, she could feel him manipulating draws and pressing buttons. Lucy felt him come into her space. Felt his hands on either side of her body, resting on the trolley. His face came into view, she smelt the coffee. Lucy wanted to scream. His face was calm and gentle, with solid features, but her predicament argued with her rationalizing how the man looked, she as paralyzed on a trolley in the back of a van, THAT THIS MAN HAD DONE!  WHY, WHY, WHY…  The man lowered his face nearer to Lucy, she thought he was going to kiss her, she tried to reel back, but nothing, she had no clue where this encounter was heading, but wherever it was going, Lucy knew there was nothing that she could do to control the situation.


watch this space...

You will be able to buy a signed copy of My new book the Harvester and get the Print Version, only availble here of Troll. We are expecting shipment mid febuary, and will let you know when you can pre order your copy.

Beta Readers Group feedback.

I couldn’t put it down.

“Just finished the book, OMG it made my hair stand up. It was very dark very grisly and I couldn’t put it down … Loved the fact that the main character was such a strong female lead but you gave us a glimpse into her vulnerabilities, a very well written character.”

Marie, UK

This one goes on my read it again pile.

“Oh my god! I could not put it down. It’s taken me all day and I’ve just finished it. Yes I loved it, yes I would buy it and really hope you get book 2 out there quickly! I fell into the plot very quickly and nothing jarred about it at all.

Your characters are perfect, not so much detail that I got bored and skipped ahead and not so brief that I couldn’t see them in my minds eye, and best of all I really didn’t see that ending coming.

This one goes on my read it again pile. Hurry up and finish book 2.”

Susie, UK

Very descriptive and atmospheric.

I’m a huge fan of reading – especially genres such as you are writing about in The Harvester. I want to be shocked, horrified and also find new ideas out there to read.

The story is easily understandable, maybe more so because of mutual medical background. I think you’ve been wise to describe anaesthetic agents without dumbing it down. The style of writing you are putting out there that makes it work. Very descriptive and atmospheric! My eyes closing with tiredness is why I have to put it down. I can judge a book’s success by the way I think about it during the day … I’m certainly liking Broc very much! He reminds me a bit of Dexter – the intelligence and lack of empathy. Superb.

Lorna, UK

Loved the book.

“I love it! Only problem is now I want to read the next bit, it ended on such a cliff hanger. I would pay for the book 110%. So many unanswered questions with the book and hope they get answered soon! Like what happens with Lucy? What about her daughter? and so many more.

I also like all the shady characters like the prison character and the owner of the bar, very believable to think that people like that do exist. Also really like the detectives. To be honest didn’t see 99% of the book coming. The surgeon and his massive ego reminded me of the surgeons I’ve met but don’t know if they’re psycho enough to do stuff like this. It is quite relatable though to believe a network is used to kill people and take their organs. Just weird to think of it happening in the UK. Anyway loved the book.”

Ellie, UK

Dark, intriguing, amazing.

Well I have come to the end of this dark, intriguing, amazing book that I couldn’t wait to read each new page to see what was going to happen. I need book two now.

Rachel, UK

Amazing read.

“Oh my God, absolutely amazing read! Loved it, couldn’t put it down.”

Nicci, UK

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