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Why he Hate Clowns

The next minisode is out and we will be talking about the truly abhorrent John Wayne Gacy, no, that’s not the full name of the well known cowboy movie star, though he does have a pretty high body count across all his films. John Wayne Gacy AKA The Killer Clown was a serial killer who, as well as performing at children’s hospitals and charity events as a clown, would lure young men and boys to his home so he could commit perverse acts on them that would end in their death at his hands. If you didn’t like clowns before this, you’re really going to hate them after hearing this story I can promise you that. For those EXCLUSIVE Patreon members you will also get a short story for you to read so you can really dive deep into the story and mindset of a man who killed over 33 men and boys.

For those without access to Patreon, you’re missing out on some incredible rewards. If you’re a fan of serial killers and true crime then it really is a club you want to be a part of, for the price of a supermarket meal deal each month you will get a range of rewards from short stories and watching the filming of the podcast, to insights to my latest books and maybe even an interview on the I HATE This Book Podcast itself.

I consider myself to have a strong mind and stomach when it comes to violence and gore. A combination of being an ex solider followed with having a career as a medical professional will do wonders for your ability to remain calm in situations where the fragility of the human body has been exposed.  I always wonder what it is that other people find perverse and gory? What do I need to do as an author and podcaster to truly connect to that uncomfortable feeling we all have inside of us when we hear of another persons pain and suffering? How do I do that but not cross the line into, for lack of a better word ‘overkill’ when it comes to taking the image from my mind and putting it in yours.

Everyone is different, some only need a subtle hint of what is happening to create the horror in their mind. The mere thought of pain and suffering is enough for them to recoil, for others they desire a narrative so obvious, so planned out it is as if they wish to recreate the story scene by scene. The feedback I received about The Candyman short story, (which you can find here PATREON) was that it wasn’t gory enough.

It is a constant battle for me, do you need to read in detail the rape, sodomy and brutal murder inflicted on those people? Or is the thought of what Corll did enough for you as the reader? There is also the fact that this isn’t fiction, I am not writing the next chapter of my next book when I sit down to create these short stories. These are real people, real things that happened to them and had a real impact on them and their families.

It is a tough question and the moral dilemma I face as a writer, especially a thriller author. How far can I push the boundaries of decency? What is the limit that I can personally go to when trying to make the relish, revile or repulsed in their armchair at home? Am I to let them sit comfortably enjoying their morbid fascination, or is it my job to make sure you have to put the book down and process what you are reading, unable to stomach pushing on? You will have to let me know over on Facebook what it is you want from me.

Chapter 27 of the podcast is live and if you aren’t up to date yet I don’t want to spoil it for you, but  for those that are, we hear how the triads are using their influence in the sex club to corrupt the intelligence the police need to catch Dale Broc. Orlov shows no mercy as the pawns in this game between the police and the triads. I also showed no mercy to Sams desire to put the book down and stop terrorising her, with each chapter I think she’ll handle it better and each time she finishes exhausted and disturbed. Episode 27 we discuss what has finally happened to Tracey ***Spoiler alert *** she’s not done so well.

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