Soldier. ODP. Surgical First Assistant. Thriller Writer.

I traded the battlefield for trauma care & emergency obstetrics … before fusing real-world experiences with a dark imagination and writing ambitions.

The Harvester, my debut novel

The prequel to Harvester

Coming very soon. Buy harvester today and get a FREE copy of Troll, in your inbox. All those questions are answered in Troll. What was ‘that case’ that tipped Alex over the edge, how did she land in this dark and sinister world. Troll will be availble Early Febuary to purchase, but you can get your FREE copy, when you BUY Harvester.

New Short story

Stan was sat naked in the hot maisonette. He was in his late eighties, a big man with big hands. He had a large nose that was almost hook like and had become more hook like as he had gotten older.

Hannah, his caregiver and nurse was late. She was a feisty little thing that didn’t take any shit from any of the residents in the apartment complex …

Beta Reader group

My beta readers gave me really useful feedback on my first book, The Harvester.

If you love reading, join my Beta Readers Group on Facebook; you’ll receive a free, unedited copy of future books to critique.

Oh my god Jon! I could not put it down. It’s taken me all day and I’ve just finished it. Yes I loved it, yes I would buy it and really hope you get book 2 out there quickly!

I fell into the plot very quickly and nothing jarred about it at all … your characters are perfect, not so much detail that I got bored and skipped ahead and not so brief that I couldn’t see them in my minds eye, and best of all I really didn’t see that ending coming.

This one goes on my read it again pile. Hurry up and finish book 2.

Susie Hale, UK Beta Reader, The Harvester

Book Review: The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Book Review: The Tattooist of Auschwitz

by Heather Morris Someone recommended this book, and it didn’t disappoint. The individual stories that come out of the Second World War are fascinating. They are of untold courage, such humanity amongst some of the most horrific events of our times. The...

Book Review: Mad

Book Review: Mad

by Chloé Esposito I was listening to a podcast last month. The author Chloé Esposito was being interviewed, and she was talking about her book Mad, released last year. First, the book is awesome. A great read, fast-paced and not what you would expect as a...

My first short story

My first short story

I am just starting out on this journey, and I’m inviting you to travel with me, to be wowed, shocked and utterly thrilled. If you’re not into thrillers, death and blood then what you will receive from me is not for you. But if that’s your bag sign up today and receive...