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Toby, USA
The Lonely Gherkin is the place to be, an American diner on the sunshine coast of Bournemouth, queues of traffic cause traffic jams as the famous burger joint churns out burgers after burgers. Pop stars, A-listers and the great and the good of Bournemouth visit often to taste the gourmet America style dining in the icon diner, sat on the side of the heath, people choose Bournemouth as their holiday destination because of the diner… But there’s a secret, so disgusting, a secret so stomach churning disturbing, if the truth go out, heads would roll. The meat isn’t what it’s out made to be. Known by the two killers that work in the kitchen, they call it HORK, human meat, so succulent and tender is the meat that the whole country loves it, and no one knows.
Pushed to the brink by his drug abusing, prostitute of a wife, Chunk-Chunk spend’s the next 15 years killing for fun, going completely unnoticed… Not until his own ego lets him down.
Things unravel quickly, losing control over his life and his psychopathy the police uncover a terrible secret. So abhorrent is the secret that even the public are at risk.
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