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Welcome to the Survivor section of my blog, where I lay bare my journey through the shadows of binge eating disorder, the challenges of Complex-PTSD, and the relentless grip of depression. In these pages, I offer an unfiltered glimpse into my life, sharing the raw truths of my battles and the victories won in the war against my own demons.

This is not just a collection of stories; it’s a testament to resilience, an exploration of coping mechanisms, and a chronicle of my path to healing through therapy. Here, you’ll find the unvarnished truth of my struggles, the glimmers of hope that have guided me, and the strategies that have helped me reclaim my life. Join me on this intimate journey, as we navigate the darkest corners of the mind and find the strength to emerge as survivors, resilient and unbroken.



by Jon Biddle For many years, man has sought to understand the...

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