So what do you want to know?

As a Writer, medical professional, and veteran, I have embraced various roles in my life. Alongside being a husband and father, I have also faced the challenges of surviving narcissistic abuse.

After serving in The British Army for ten years, I experienced a transformative realisation—the whispers within my mind evolved into conscious thinking. This newfound awareness sparked a desire to pursue a career in healthcare as a mature student. The years that followed became a blur as I juggled the demands of my profession, raising children, and grappling with my own mental health issues. I openly acknowledge that I have struggled with suicidal thoughts, and I firmly believe in the importance of destigmatizing discussions around mental health. Furthermore, I have also been diagnosed with binge eating disorder, a reminder that judgments about weight should consider underlying factors rather than making snap assumptions.

Since childhood, I harbored a burning aspiration to become a published author. This passion was ignited when I read a battered, thickly bound pulp fiction copy of Star Wars during a memorable holiday in Germany at the age of eleven. The enthralling story within those pages, far surpassing the impact of the film, made me fully appreciate the immense power of books.

Over the years, I have dedicated myself to crafting numerous story arcs, outlines, and even completed books that often began with the timeless phrase, “Once upon a time…”

While negative self-talk has occasionally plagued me, I have reached a point in my life where age and health concerns have compelled me to take action. I now understand that if I truly desire something, I must pursue it without seeking permission from others—a realization prompted by my inner journey in therapy.

What fuels my passion for writing? It is the inexhaustible wellspring of my imagination, forever spinning narratives out of ordinary moments. This skill initially developed during my childhood as a means of escaping the emotional and physical abuse I endured. Daydreaming allowed me to create a more pleasant and bearable version of my reality. This coping mechanism has carried over into adulthood, but I am fortunate to have two incredible women in my life, Sam and Jane, who have been unwavering sources of support. And of course, I cannot overlook the grounding presence of Bella, my four-legged furry companion, who brings me back down to earth. In a hypothetical burning building scenario, I hope you have life insurance because my loyalty lies with Bella.

I possess an innate ability to find stories in everything I do or observe. While some people see colors or shapes as their creative outlets, my creative palette is composed of words.

I am deeply enamored with narratives, prose, and stories. If you search diligently enough, you can find a captivating story in almost anything—particularly within the vibrant setting of a hospital. People-watching, despite sounding peculiar to some, is a beloved hobby that my wife and I indulge in. We find solace in quietly observing our fellow humans in hotel lobbies or airport lounges, witnessing the astonishing yet predictable tapestry of human behavior.

Professionally, I transitioned from the frontlines of the battlefield to the frontlines of surgical care, specialising in major trauma and emergency surgery. Finally, I summoned the courage to pursue writing, and I am beginning to recognize my own talent and potential in this creative pursuit.

Currently residing in the sunny southwest of England, I work in both NHS and private healthcare centers as a Surgical First Assistant and Anaesthetic Technician. I am happily married to my childhood sweetheart, Sam, and our children, Jorden and Devon, have taken flight from the nest to embark on their own journeys. Our family continues to grow, a truly wonderful and rewarding experience. While I appreciate connecting with fellow empaths, I must confess my preference for the company of dogs. They are honest, loyal companions who reside without judgment, lies, or deceit.

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