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Jon spends his days smashing out people’s hip and knee joints, and his nights writing twisted thrillers.

A military veteran and a medical professional who spends 45 hours a week in the OR, Jon brings considerable medical and military/law enforcement expertise to the crime thriller genre, evident by the attention to detail in his books.

Jon’s writing is dark and eclectic, provoking and deviant. He surrounds himself in the white glow of pureness, with one foot always in the dark.  Jon says “The dark always surrounds us, the only thing that can clear the dark is white light,” but Jon has a knack of making his readers ask ‘Could this happen to me?’ Which is always why his writing is so gripping, that balance of truth Vs. falsity, the yin to the yang, written in such a visceral way not seen for some time in modern story telling.

There is nothing too dark for Jon to write about. He has no level, base, or filter and addresses issues that are difficult to talk about. He will get into your head and “scare the living daylights” out of you because when you read his books, you do wonder “this is too close to the truth.”

As a victim of narcissistic abuse as well as diagnosed with complex-PTSD, Jon is fascinated about how the mind works, especially in the mind of a narcissist and psychopath. His writing is reflected in this as Jon grapples with the psycopathy of his killers, often the genesis of reading not only about serial killers and how their mind works, but also in the healing of people affected by psychological and emotional abuse.

Jon lives in the south-west of England with his childhood sweetheart, Sam, and two Springer Spaniels. His two children have now grown up and living the high life in London.

With full-time medical responsibilities in his day job, Jon spends 15-20 hours a week writing for his growing online audience. His new medical thriller, The Harvester, was released in 2019 as the first of many books in the Alex Brown series.

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