The bodies of two teenagers have been discovered, from different universities, but they went to the same school.

A Serial killer is on the loose in London and Alex Brown is investigating.

Alex uncovers a narcissistic killer hell bent on destroying everything that they have come into contact with. Stalking his victims, they all trusted him, and now he pins them to the floor with a nail gun and takes everything from them.

A prequel to the Harvester, the 1st episode in Jon Biddle’s Broc series, this story pulls no punches and makes you read the book behind the safety of the cushion.
It will make you think about everything you do on social media.

Watch out, there is a troll about.

Jon Biddle’s ebook titled TROLL is about this psychologically warped man named Keith and his serial killing spree – which contains some creative violence and sexual deviance. Alex is the detective who is on the case, along with her partner, on solving the case of the string of murdered victims. I can’t say too much without giving too much away. I don’t want to spoil the shock and awe of his crimes.

– Michele Gouveia Allen


the story continues

With a couple of young women killed in separate university campuses, coming for the same location in the East End of London is too close say it’s not a coincidence. In fact, Detective sergeant Alex Brown has a rule, not to believe in coincidences. Coincidence naturally follow a pathology of criminality, that’s what she thinks anyway and in this case, it’s true. With the killer using the same MO, they must have come from the East End of London.

Alex discovers a link to a psychopath triggered by domestic abuse that was a catalyst of workplace bullying, which has led to the deaths of several prominent women in the community. 

It doesn’t take long for Alex to get on the heels of the killer, but not before he kills in the most spectacular way. 

Troll is a novella that introduces the character Alex Brown, a determined female police officer that’s done it all, seen it all and is quietly trying to get through life, but her work has other ideas.

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