Joseph Methany; the story behind CHUNK!


Joseph Methany


Joseph Methany 

Methany preyed on the vulnerable and the unwanted, because the only reason for him to kill was because he enjoyed it. If it wasn’t for the quick thinking of one of his victims, he would have carried on killing.

As a thank you for joining the Criminal Club, I am giving away my novella Chunk! – a story that is loosely based on the serial killer Joseph Methany. I hope you enjoy the book and don’t forget to look out in your emails for other content that will come your way.

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In your first killer, is Albert Fish, and as a thank you to joining the club, I have attached my novella called CHUNK!

CHUNK! Is a fictional story that is loosely on the serial Killer Joseph Methany. Tiny as they knew him, which is the polar opposite to my character nicknamed CHUNK-CHUNK! would kidnap his victims, torture them and then dismember them. He would go further and BBQ them in to burgers, selling them at a roadside BBQ for people to buy. This was the perfect way to get rid of the bodies.

Methany was a habitual liar and had an over inflated ego of himself, openly admitting to a string of murders that was uncorroborated. There’s no doubt Methany was a serial killer, but the 13 deaths he confessed to just didn’t stack up.

Born March 2nd 1955 in Baltimore, Maryland, his mother had another six children and the father wasn’t on the scene. Not a stupid boy, with an above average intelligence, often seen in most psychopaths, Methany struggled at school.

Neglected as a child himself, he faced emotional and physical abandonment, even maliciously claiming to the authorities when he was younger than his mother was in fact was dead, an odd thing to say about one’s mother.

Life was tough in the methane household because of circumstance, but Methany’s mother worked two jobs and her children never went without.

Joining the army to escape the humdrum of the Baltimore life, it was here that Methany, after a tour in Vietnam, became addicted to heroin. This was unverified because at the times that Methany stated he became addicted to smack; the Vietnam was was already over. 

After he left, Methany never contacted his mother again although still living in Baltimore, he spent his life avoiding the rest of his family. 

“It was the drugs that did this” his mother would later testify. 

Morbidly obese, Methany would cruise bars and clubs. If the hunting grounds were thin, he would prey on the homeless. A part of South Baltimore he chose to live. In an amongst life’s losers and downtrodden, it was a place in which he could hide from.

All of his victims were vulnerable people that were in the throes of drug or alcohol addiction, which made the brutal sexual assaults easy for him. 

After spending one year from an eight-year stretch for manslaughter, the courts over threw the conviction with not enough evidence. 

He was then arrested soon after for the murder of Randell Brewer and Randy Pike. An axe was used. Larry Amos however stole the murder weapon and used it to kill Everett Dowell. They then fit him up for the other two murders, which would be quashed.

Methany killed Kimberly Lynn Spicer in 1996, then kidnapped Rita Kemper and tried to rape her, there was no doubt she would be killed too. 

He had taken Kemper to his trailer in a pallet storage yard, where he plied more drugs. Tried to have sex with her, but she refused. Luckily she had made her escape when Methany was planning something ‘a bit more’ than sex. Candidly admitting to Kemper that he was going to kill her and bury her in the woods with the others. She made it to the police. 

The police arrested Methany along with the owner of the storage yard as an accessory but was later released, which echoes in the fictional story that I have written. 

He later admitted that he chose this kind of victim because they were easy and no one would miss them. They were often high themselves, and spending out for more drugs wasn’t needed, killing was a convenience. 

In 1997, he was sentenced to 50 years in prison for kidnapping and attempted sexual assault, but then acquitted. He then received the death stance for the murder of Spicer.

He openly told the judge at his sentencing that “he enjoyed killing,” “got a rush from it” and had “no excuse to do it other than he like to kill people.” 

His death sentence was overturned successfully and reduced to life without the possibility of parole. The reasoning for this was he never set out to kill Spicer, they proved it to be a robbery that had gone wrong. Although principally I am an advocate of the death penalty for child rapists and serial killers along with terrorists, a part of me likes the fact that these guys spend the rest of their lives incarcerated. I have been to prisons, and they are no holiday camp.

In 2017, they found Methany dead in his cell aged 62; he had died of a heart attack.

I based my novella CHUNK on this character because of the BBQ angel of his story. The authorities stated that there was no proof that this happened, but Methany had indeed killed 13 people, they never recovered most of the bodies.

In the grandiose mind of a narcissistic psychopath, everything is possible, so when you’re driving down the road and there is someone cooking a BBQ at the side of the road, approach with caution. 


When the Lonely Gherkin serves up more than just burgers.

Bournemouth is the hidden gem of England. With sunny beaches and beautiful nature reserves all around, it’s no surprise that tourists pour into the seaside town 365 days a year. The Lonely Gherkin; a famous American diner, loved by many, has thrived from people’s love for sunny Dorset. Tourists, A-Listers, and travel magazines dropping by to enjoy the iconic food means there’s no surprise that the Brits love the diner style cooking Chunk-Chunk has been serving up for 15 years with his trusty sous-chef.

But little does the country know of the stomach-churning secrets that go on in the kitchen and the secret formula to Chunk-Chunk’s ‘award winning’ menu. His secret recipe has been going completely unnoticed… until his fragile ego lets him down. Follow the chase as the police uncover the horrific truth being cooked up at The Lonely Gherkin’s kitchen, will their evidence be enough to put him away for good?

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