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The Dark Writer

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Wow, what an incredible read! I couldn’t put it down. Every page grips you and in this strange technological world we’re in you could believe it could happen. This book is as brilliant as Harvester and Troll I can’t wait fir the next one to come out. Jon Biddle is every bit as good Grisham, King, Reichs and JD Robb. I bought this for my mum in law and she couldn’t put it down either,

Had to remember to breathe. The story was fast paced kept me looking forward to the next chapter and the next and next. Stayed up until 4:00am to finish. Haven’t done that in a long time. Fascinating story line and believable characters that are creative and resilient. This is a great book to take on a weekend retreat – just you and the book. Treat yourself!

A great book with lots of twists and turns. Not for the squeamish though. Jon has a knack for shocking you but the Alex Brown series keeps the great characters we’ve come to love. Awaiting the next book….

What can I say, the mind of a criminal has a thousand facets, this story explores in an intense and enjoyable way various themes that can really be touched by the mind of a high caliber criminal, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, dark humor, cunning, will and much more other. I definitely recommend this book for anyone who wants a full but flowing read.

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