by Jon Biddle

I know its been a while since I sent out a blog post, and there’s no excuse as I don’t accept excuses myself. But I really cant believe that the last time I sent out a newsletter was October last year. YES! last year. and the last shorty was in January. You start with good intentions and the road to good intentions is paved with gold…Is that a saying?
Anyway, its September 1st 2019 and here is your blog post.
Up until recently, I’ve been finding it challenging to find the time to market and promote my book. There just aren’t enough hours in the day working as an Surgical first assistant and anaesthetic tech to do all the things you need to do when publishing a book, seriously the writing was the easy bit.
Book promotion requires a lot of effort. Bestsellers don’t happen by accident. Instead, their authors relentlessly and shamelessly promote them using whatever methods they can. Many people who have had the most successful books over the last ten years or so have used email and SMS blasts, radio interviews and appeared on TV. Some pay their agents thousands of dollars to sniff out opportunities and, if possible, get them a slot on NBC or the front cover of a national magazine.

Cultivating devotion is a full-time occupation for many writers, and having a great blog is a vital tool for doing so. Before selling any book, you want to create a loyal following who will stick with you, no matter what format your book eventually takes. You need that critical mass to ensure that the book makes it onto bestsellers lists and starts snowballing. It could be the best book in the world, but if people don’t know about it, then it’ll never deliver the kind of numbers the author wants.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to hand in my notice ay work. I realized that I was working too hard in my day job and not focusing enough on pushing my book and my books is where I want to be. I now have time for reading about how to market my book and working with publishers. It’s been a big decision but one that I had to take. It was a tough decision, and a decision that I have not taken lightly. I love my work place and my team. They are all amazing characters and individuals that I truly look forward to seeing each day. On the 30th October, it will be a sad day for me, but let’s focus on the new chapter in my life. More time to write and hit those writing goals both in publication and on my website.

The good news is that things are moving forward on that front. The book is now in the hands of Click Street, they will publish Hypnos in January 2020. Clink Street is a platform that helps new authors get their books out to a broader audience and increase their initial impact. With so many authors all competing for a slice of the pie, it makes sense to publish with partners. People in the industry know what works and what doesn’t. Without professional support, many new writers can struggle.

I will be launching my second book around January 2020. In the run-up to the release, I’ll be working hard to advertise the book. However, I am worried about the book cover and editing. While I love to write and communicate my ideas, dealing with edits, and creating enticing graphics isn’t my strong suit. The problem, of course, is that even though you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, people do. It’s crucial for sales. I want my book to have a great image on the front, but I am concerned that if I were to attempt it myself, it would be a disaster, my drawing abilities are in no way compared to my wife Sam who is a professional artist in her own right.

The book will hopefully achieve good Amazon sales and provide my readers – people like you. Now that I’ve handed in my notice, I am in a much better position to deliver something that will have a significant impact.

Murder Montly

Have you heard of Murder Monthly?

Murder Monthly is a subscription based short story, sent to you monthly. In that short story is the research from some societies’ most heinous killers. The twist of this is a fictional story that I have also included in the toe small eBook.

So if you like a bit of crime with your coffee or you find yourself at a loose end and some time to kill, hit the link.


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