by Jon Biddle

Okay, so this isn’t a regular book for me to read. It’s a bit left-wing socialist kinda a book about how the world should react in the face of aggression. As a veteran, I resolve action with action. Attack is the best form of defence, right?

Well, as I’ve gotten older, wiser and more inpatient with the way the world is governed by incompetence greedy people and having a better understanding of the civil rights movement, I think the world has everything so wrong.

Dr Martin Luther King Jnr had the right idea with peaceful protesting and non-violent activism. How can you react to peaceful protest? How can you fight love? To fight love places you in a special kind category, a category quite a lot of Americans seem to sit in.

I read anecdotally that this book is a snapshot of how the USA would be ten years after Donald Trump became president and where the very people of America have become the terrorists they seem to wage war on around the world and with the felling of the Twin Towers has created an even bigger terrorist; the world has ever known.

So when martial law comes to our shores to protect the rich, how would we fight it?

I think this book tells you how.

I am tired of fighting, I’m tired of listening to the discord between people. I am tired of the endless sectarianism that blights every country, it’s time we all became accountable.

It was refreshing that there was no violence in the book, nor swearing, well one swear word and I’m sure if this was real, Zadie would like an old soldier. The kindling love between Charlie and Zadie reminded me of my own will-she-won’t-she with my wife, Sam.

This book is one of three and it’s certainly worth a read, even for adrenaline violence fest that I love

Murder Montly

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