by Jon Biddle
For many years, man has sought to understand the secret of the universe, and the answer has come to him as his own security, that he has been told that if he had enough money, he could be whatever he wanted. 

Now, the question arises whether this is true, or it may be an assumption. Man has security in money, so much so that the money has lost its value, and consequently the value of what one can buy has increased. So does this mean that security has gone as far as it can go? 

From the choice of the heart, we know that there are no shortcuts in the happiness, security or abundance of the human condition. Choose for security today, but recognise that it is Short-listed, and make your choice from the resources you have.

The alternative which is the default, is the security of guru, religion, love of country, and company. You have security because you believe that by your security, that which you have can be seen as security.

There is a country, and a culture, which teaches that your security should come from your relationship to a guru, a religious figure, a father-figure, or a parent, and there is a system of belief which makes this revered figure whom you depend on. This is a very natural and normal phenomena; however, it creates a security which is unfortunate, very much dependent on the person having whom you want to depend upon. When this is not quite clear, then what happens is a split in the person’s identity, which is you; and that split occurs at the heart so that you feel insecure about your actual identity.

This can be very normal, when you are young, when you are in fact dependent upon a God or a father- figure, but as you grow, you lose this security, because you grow out of need and out of a belief that you are a person which security you have attached to a god or a father- figure. But even as you become an adult, you still believe in the same system of belief. You may even take it personally when your god loses his or her physical form, and you question the entire belief system.

For a spiritual person, there is no denying of this, that there is a system of belief, and system of practice which they believe in and which they practice, the results of which depend on the skill and dedication of the individual. The individual is the supreme Decider of their own life and whether they are going to practice spiritually, take part in their religion, or not. This individual is very important, their life and path totally depend on them; their decisions and choices are the most important ones that they could do.

As a child, they assume they had a father-figure, who took care of them, who lived up to their expectation of what a father-figure should be. So this physical aspect of life, with its selfish striving for materialistic possessions and power, will not surprise them, so why should they have to surprise us, right? Therefore, the key to happiness, either with or without faith, is to get what you want in life as a spirit, and be completely prepared for the future, and accept the reality that you have zero say in it, if you cannot do that, then the basis of your entire belief system will crumble.

Numerology and Astrology, of course, there is a connection between the two, and many people are also aware of the numerology. There are direct correlations.

First, the Hebrew alphabet is also very close to the alignment of the ancient calendar of the Israelites, and the dates when they celebrated specific events.

Second, the dates of celebrated events also have angel significance as they always have, at the same time the planet is close to its familiar placement in the heavens, we have the influence of the Moon Energy, and the degrees to complete each arm of the double whammy.

Third, on the solstices and equinoxes, the tilted Alison numbers (Eights have mutual resemblance), show evidence of the angels and fallen angels, and the Summer and Winter, the birth and death energies are shown, and the timing of when the various days fall within each season has proven to be the system of probability of remembrance, now this explains the 12 months lunations, and the 12 signs of the Zodiac, last time I checked the research

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