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I have plenty of people ask me about my writing goals, and about just how I find the time to write. All those aspiring writers out there will know that sometimes life just gets in the way! You’re trying to juggle your day-job, your relationships, eating, sleeping and adulting- sometimes days pass, your pages are still blank and you feel like you better step it up!
The fact is, to make things happen you better set some writing goals. Make your writing goals realistic to you personally. Start small, if you know you’re crazy busy don’t set yourself too much per day; you can always build it up once you get more into the writing zone! Talking of writing zones, pick a spot in your home that you have control over. Kids, bills, TV, washing machine all impede the creative juice. Pick your spot and make it yours.
If your someone who finds time management a little tough, no problem- that’s easy to set straight. Wake up half an hour earlier, and scribble down some beautiful things for half an hour while you neck your coffee. Use automatic writing techniques if you wake up that morning sleep; and unsure of where to start. Automatic writing is about writing whatever comes to mind, right there on the page and just letting it flow. You’re not worried at this point about narrative, perfection or even grammar, you’re just looking to channel your imagination and ideas as a little warm-up. We all have a smart phone right? You can dictate, now with water proof phone you can even write in the shower.
Finding time to write is about using any inch of spare time you have to get something down on the page. It could be cheeky three-line poem on your lunch break; a paragraph you type you speed type on phone when you’re on the train; or a haiku scrawled on a napkin when your date goes to the bathroom! Think about the activities you do that you could (slightly) replace with some writing. One less hour of Netflix = one more hour of writing. Ditch those fifteen mins of social media scrolling= fifteen mins of writing, and so on. Read as much as you can, the more you read the more inspiration you’ll find out there! I personally think the TV is the biggest killer to most things creative and that include matrimonial harmony. Even if you’re not a writer, limit your TV time and send that time in your own space or in the space with your partner.

Notice I don’t say kids. Both of my kids have now flown the nest. Kids are a transient part of your life but they are professionals when it comes to commandeering your time. I know the humdrum of kids can get you down, but coming out of the other side, those times are precious but temporary. The skin you’re in is the skin that you have to spend the most time with. Don’t waste it watching the whole series of Suits, I’m sure you can limit your exposure to Harvey Spectre to maybe two episodes a night. Don’t talk to me about Below Deck though, a fly on the wall docu-soap about the crew on a super yacht. If you haven’t watched it on Bravo, DON’T! Its like crack to a crackhead, I can’t get enough of it.
For me, I set my writing goal at 1500 words per day. No matter what I’m doing-I’ll be writing that 1500 words per day whatever happens. Even when everyone is asleep, and I’ve got home late, I will be satat the computer hitting those writing goals. I firmly believe that you are rewarded for hard work and effort. So when people ask me how I find the time to write; firstly it’s a love of mine, and secondly I have a dream. If you dare to dream, then the facts in-between don’t count.
The joy of writing and forming a story that you know people will love is something that gives me a real buzz! The real kick is hearing what people have to say about your books or seeing your social media presence step-up because people are loving what you have to say.When you show people your work, and you see them getting all inspired; those are the feelings that you need to hold onto. Channel that joy to get yourself good and motivated!
This way, you’ll always find time to put that pen to paper; no matter what.



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