by Jon Biddle

But for most people, being happy then becomes incidental and confused with some bullshit idealistic, somatically trying to justify one’s state of happiness. Therefore, I tell people with an optimistic mindset to get used to not being delighted about once in a while, because you will certainly be pleased about eventually with another wave of positivity. Happiness is essentially a state of mind. If a person spirits their thoughts and emotions up and keeps that virtuous direction, then they’ll be doing essentially nice things. Otherwise, the negative is going to be invasive, and the resulting feeling is going to be one of unhappiness. Look at this post closely to resonate in your own mind. To be happy, you will have to really believe in your character of ‘being,’ a concept that will not so often seem to be the case.

It is so patently foolish to believe that happiness is a linear, measurable, desirable state of an individual. It is a state of mind and actions rather than a realm that must be reached, but should dominate our action in a way.

What does happiness mean to you?

Think about it and then synchronise what you want with what makes you happy in these terms. And you have happiness. Do not let anyone else dictate your happiness for you. What I am essentially displaying here is that you do not need to get a particular shell, or specific image of happiness that you have because of what might happen in your life. You ultimately get to choose your own character, your own state of mind, and your own total happiness AND unhappiness.

For me, happiness is an intrinsically personal and emotional matter. Determined and transcending boundaries and boundaries we all set up for ourselves.

Since so much of my own life is determined by me, it comes down to me making it up as I go along. And this is not the drama queen’s idea of plot-development of your own personal thriller novel.

So, as we wrestle with happiness and ‘happy’ as a frame of reference, we should know we agree on the factors that insure our happiness in the rational world of our daily living. The separation aspect of this is devoid of perfection and can be easily bouncing around between realities and topics and relating barriers, all the while forgetting where the focus is.

Once we have defined this for ourselves, then we can observe our own personality and mind clearly because of the equally external nature of our own, and or surprised reactions to external judgments, which serves as our own reminder.

We all have a range of views and opinions of life as we live it through every second of our existence. We experience the fun and titillating absolute highs or the absolute downers by the mere fact we are breathing.

Be good to yourself and do not take yourself too seriously as you walk that path. Attempting to live the best life in your own human skin that we all do, that is real, that the human mind can envision.

Happiness is relative to the emotional state of our mind. Sometimes, because of outside influences, the emotional state can impede our attempt to be happy and enjoy life. We sometimes view our own happiness because of external things, things that other people give us, things that we want or that we need. Bigger than the purpose of things is our own happiness, that which only end up defining our own nature as the object of our happiness. We need each other as human beings; we need our stars, our sun, our past and our traditions to brighten up our lives, and sometimes that is the only thing that matters.

When you are in your state of happiness, you really need nothing else. You might have your eye on the prize, pay no attention to everyone else. But when you are lost in the ‘passion of your own happiness’ you should pay no attention to what the wrongdoers say or think about you as the victim. The short-term pain experienced by your victim status is merely the inevitable result of your own emotional state and play the long-term rise you need to endure. So stop being a victim – it is an unwelcome guest in your life.

Take charge – you are the captain of your life, and surely this is your own success.

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