Post-Apocalyptic Dilemma: Supermarket vs. Library - Digital Illustration

So with Covid supposedly on the retreat and before the masses take to the streets in a VE style celebration, the best Europe and NATO can do is a war with Russia — the unending uncertainty of life continues to pervade us every day. How can we go from dying of an invisible pathogen to potential nuclear Armageddon? I’m done with this bullshit. Asked if I would answer the call to arms. Thinking about that for about a three thousandth of a second; yeah, I’ll pass. Unless Ivan is running around my local high street shooting people, the police can come and arrest me and stick me in prison. Picking up a weapon in the name of these elitist assholes (again) would be the last thing I would do!

What the press isn’t telling you how shit the Russian military is? Its under-funded, under resourced with large amounts of their ranks who alcoholics and a military that relies on multiple dialects which do not coalesce. Most of the air force is grounded and their tactical nuclear missile arsenal isn’t fit for purpose. And NATO, already battle hardened, out numbers the Russian military. Their only hope is a coalition with the axis of China, Iran and North Korea. Can you imagine that meeting of great minds?

But this potential dark cloud of war Europe is used to, gathering in the East had me thinking. Not in preppers kinda way, but in a curious way.

What would you do I the event of the end of our civilised life if you faced two choices?

Spend the rest of your days in a fully stocked supermarket. With enough fuel in the generators to keep the fridges and freezers going, or a library?

Now it would be easy to pick a supermarket for many reasons. Food on tap — for a couple of years anyway, and if the shelves of booze don’t kill you, Mad Max and band of brigands may well.

Let’s consider the library. I took a trip to my local library the other day to satisfy this curiosity.

Asking the librarian, who was looking over a pair of winged tipped half-moon spectacles in a woollen duck egg blue twin set — it really couldn’t have been more stereotypical.

Anyway, I asked if there was a survival section, and there was. In the same aisle, I could read about Armageddon and the survival of, in the next aisle, there was a horticultural section, even husbandry of farm animals. Now think about this for a minute, before you grab your coat and your shotgun and go raid your local Walmart, the old saying teach give a man a fish, he’ll eat for the day, but teach a man how to fish…

See where I am going with this?

Another good reason to hide out in the library is Madmax and his gang of clowns will steer well clear. None of them would have gone to the library in normal times, let alone through an Armageddon.

Hey, you only have to read my madness. I have to live with it, talking of madness. Remember, a couple of weeks ago I told you about a freebie I am giving out?

Here it is. Some of you might have already read this. I would give it another go.

It’s about Albert Fish, aka the Brooklyn Vampire, a nutter who was cutting about New York State at the turn of the 20thCentury. It’s a true crime project I am working on, and you guys are going to get the novella’s.

I have re-jigged them to follow a more predictable path. The fiction short story in the book is inspired by true events.

Hope you enjoy.

Night sky with stars, heart, and number 144."
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