by Chloé Esposito
I was listening to a podcast last month. The author Chloé Esposito was being interviewed, and she was talking about her book Mad, released last year.

First, the book is awesome. A great read, fast-paced and not what you would expect as a reader. The story is about Alvie, an identical twin to Beth and a car crash of a woman bouncing from one job to the next. Sexually promiscuous and utterly irresponsible. Her sister is wealthy married to an Italian in Sicily. The relationship, perfect. But scratching the surface, the relationship isn’t what it appears.

Alvie goes to visit her sister and ends up taking her place after Beth dies in an accident. It then starts a cascade of murder, deception and lots of sex along with running from the Sicilian mafia. Written in the first person, the writing is superb, almost annoying but the narrative reminds you constantly that this woman is bonkers!

You would avoid a person like this like the plague, but Alvie is someone you quickly fall in love with, even though she’s a nutter of the highest degree. It’s a dark comedy of events that any British person would find hilarious.

The Audible version is narrated by Emily Atack (of The Inbetweeners fame) who does a superb job in telling the story. I know Esposito is in discussion with writers and directors from Hollywood, and Emily Atack would be my first choice of actress to play Alvina Knightly; she swallowed me into the story hook line and sinker!

This title is one of three; Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know. If you’re looking for a book, get it, you won’t regret it.

PS, it’s filthy sex wise so if you’re of a sensitive disposition you might want to steer clear (but if you’re a follower of mine, you’ll love it!).

The Book Blurb

Seven days of sin. Seven days of secrets. Seven days to steal her sister’s life.

Beth has always been the golden girl, leaving her identical twin, Alvie, in her shadow. She has everything Alvie ever wanted – the money, the hot husband, the cute baby, the fast car.

So when she invites Alvie for seven sun-drenched days at her luxury villa in Sicily, Alvie accepts. Just because Alvie can’t stand Beth doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy a slice of her decadent lifestyle.

But her usually goody-two-shoes twin has a hidden agenda. And when the sisters swap identities for a day, it ends badly for Beth. Very badly.

It’s Alvie’s chance to steal the life that she deserves . . .

If she can get away with it.

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