By Jon Biddle

So here we come to the famous National Novel Writing Month or known as NaNoWriMo where would be authors spend a month focussing on writing a book….

Hmm, thinking here, if you’re a writer, then shouldn’t you be spending most weeks throughout the year to write your book? I proved this that you can write a book in 30 days back in June where I wrote a 90K novel in just over 30 days. The inconsideration interrupted the writing for our beloved Merlin, wanting to cross the rainbow bridge. But I still wrote it. So I am a little confused to how one month of the year is used to coax authors out of their caves to write a book. 

Most authors are solitary by nature, I don’t think I know many authors that are going and love the attention, which is the PATREONparadox. Such a public platform, the Facebook page filled with judgy people that are so so opinionated about other peoples creative flow and everyone is such an expert. Digging a little deeper into these peoples lives as authors yields very little that juxtapositions their level of experience, it’s far too much of a toxic environment for me to be part of having once been shut-down by a would be thriller author on the merits of self publishing. 

I think if you want to write, you just have to write – now writers. Apart from being isolationist and solitary creatures, they’re also some of the laziest people that you could meet. I know this may be a generalist term and a bold statement to boot, however, being in conversations with writers let’s say the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

If I don’t switch my phone off, hit the mute on all of my notifications, I could write a complex death scene involving Alex Brown and Dale Broc, and in the same vein consider which potato I am because my birthday is in September and born in 1970. An interesting article on how the Queen opens her mail was another one I read the other day – all the while impeding my creative flow. I simply love to write, however, because of my ‘freeze’ trauma type in correlation to the PTSD that I suffer, attention deficit is a genuine issue for me, and all the while the teachers thought I was a lazy shit. Turns out child abuse of the emotional kind has far-reaching implications than just the usual things.

What I need is a kick up the ass most days, what I can’t do, is sit and strum my fingers waiting for NaNoWriMo to swing by because I just read a headline about The Honey Badger and their mating ritual, this piqued my interest because I utterly love honey badgers and before I knew it, my porn name was Buster Sommers, and my ideal Christmas present was solar powered jet ski. You get my point?

Hey, if writing under the auspices of a national writing month floats your boat then go for it providing you produce the goods for everyone to read. It pointless creating a goal and not following through on it, right?

I for one, my writing goals are different, I have two books being edited, book’s 3 and 4 of the Alex Brown series and writing the short stories for my Patreon readers. Here I have five serial killers which get talked about on the podcast. What accompanies the podcast is the fictional short story I have written that goes along other than the podcast. It’s a juicy read and just completing the short story of Robert Berdella, aka the Kansas City Butcher. Here we take a deep dive into the murky world of pharmaceuticals as an adjunct to the killing. Be out next week. But these stories will be compiled into a volume of murderers and sold as a book in the new year.

Happy beginning of the week, dig in and see you on the other side.

Stay Frosty out there.


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