by Jon Biddle
Happiness is the deliberate intention to feel joy. Joy is the direct expression of your spirit within you and is the direct experience of the underlying energy of life, the spirit of being.

No wonder – after all, you were born into it. You begin your spiritual journey when you are born again, through the experience of grief, through the experience of fear. These things are the limitations we each have placed on ourselves throughout our lives, and it is in the feeling and separation of these limitations that we experience the void, the painful longing for happiness.

It’s important to be clear that in experience, true, authentic happiness isn’t something you receive. It is something you realize is already within you because you were born into it. It is your natural state. It is your spirit, your direct connection to the divine. It is happiness expressed from the core of your being. It is a living consciousness and a conscious acceptance of being. It is your intrinsic connection to the divine, and it is your connection to anything and anyone who you encounter in life. It is a full and total experience, and it is what each of us were born into feel. Because our natural nature is to feel, we can’t help but experience true happiness all the time. Even when we are experiencing something that feels very far from the way we please, when we are in touch with the essence of who we are, we are still experiencing happiness – because it is only natural that we feel joy.

True happiness is happiness. It is a deeply felt and sustained experience that envelopes all that you are, and everything you see. Some of the most palpable aspects of true happiness are peace, contentment, and delight. When your ego states you are unhappy, it sees a world that doesn’t reflect this state of being. We are here to enjoy our lives and to be fully conscious so that we can enjoy life despite any occasional suffering. You receive happiness by accepting your own true being and anything and anyone that you encounter on the road to enlightenment. This is your experience. You will be brought to more joy as your awareness grows of the more deeply you are experiencing a state of true happiness.

For some of you, this may not feel true to you. But try looking at it this way. Translated as “you are being.” Any time you feel beaten or sad, this is what you are responding to internally, whether you choose to recognise it. This is how you experience happiness. This is what we are all here to experience, whether we are fully aware. At the moment we experience happiness, we are also experiencing sadness, and no amount of reincarnation or karma can erase or take away this. You are being, and you will experience happiness until you have released yourself out of the unhappiness (i.e. depression, anxiety, or anger). Happiness is unlimited. It is a state of being that you can tap into, simply by vibrating at the right energy levels. So true happiness is not something you attain, it is something you realize. It is experienced as a way of being that you can be right now. And you are more likely to find it if you stop long enough to feel unhappiness that you are experiencing and then choose to find more joy in your life. No matter what situations you encounter in life, you will always feel happy because happiness is your natural state. It doesn’t depend on if you have any physical life. It is a field of pure energy that you can connect to at all times. You are always being, and you are always vibrating at a certain vibrational frequency. And this is the state of true happiness. When you move into this energy, then you will feel true happiness.

If the peace and contentment of this high vibration are not enough to satisfy you, then you can always make the choice to move higher into the vibration of true happiness in order to expand your experience of it. On this foundation is also a much richer variety of experiences, from great health to unconditional love. So many people are going about their daily lives in a dull feeling of discontentment about the way they are, and they never align with true happiness. So many of life’s most precious gifts lie hidden, treasures lie under the ground of unhappiness.

True, genuine peace and contentment with self, as a natural state of being. Aligning with it and feeling and being in that electromagnetic field of energy! When we can reach a place for ourselves in this station of genuine happiness, the ENERGY we will become every bit as happy. 

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