by Jon Biddle

When we come from a place of the belief that this physical life is all there is, and that we are all alone, and separate from everyone else, then we may ignore or deny this spiritual part of ourselves. They have taught us to deny anything spiritual that might suggest they connect us to everyone else. Or, we may be so disconnected that even the suggestion of connections outside ourselves is unthinkable.

If this is the case, then believing that something truly connected us to everyone and everything else is very difficult; it’s impossible.

However, if we can see our lives as being a place of spiritual being, of shared experience’s, then it will be easier to relate to others from a place of deep spiritual connection on a daily basis. Find that sense of true happiness that is our birthright.

Each day, each of us comes to this place of being with others; both animals and humans. We come to this place because animals have an awareness that is higher than ours, and because humans are a more advanced consciousness than animals, they are more apt to look for connections to each other outside of themselves. Many pet and child psychologist attune to this. They see that their own children are capable of these connections; they see how people they come into contact with, connect with them on a spiritual level, and they see that there is a light that is all miracles.

This is true for whatever the consciousness of a person has developed to. Some people know that their connection to their spirit – their spirit incarnating within them and feeding them will bring a sense of happiness that they feel.

It is this light that is the understanding that accompanies their meeting with another human or animal, which can occur at any time, by recognising the connection, or connection, the human or animal has to them on a spiritual level.

You can recognise your connection to this light and enjoy it, knowing completely that you are a part of this light on the spiritual level, full of wisdom and the awareness that you are a part of all there is. You can do this any time you want to when your thoughts are clear of your own fears and limitations.

If you can simply take steps toward recognizing who you truly are, and that spirit is with you always, regardless of who you meet or what you do, you will experience spiritual abundance everywhere you go because you’ll recognise that when it happens, there is still that glorious light and peace to share with everyone. The key is to recognise you’re already connected to all there is. Everything is one sharing the same connection. Nothing is separate, yet everything is intertwined.

In fact, the words “walking in love” are more accurately describing the consciousness you are, that continues to connect to the divine on a more constant basis. Truly, you can’t “do anything” that you love because you are connected to the love that everything is made of, and that is what love is.

We always connect your spirit and consciousness to what is.

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