by Jon Biddle

As humans, we are given the gift of creativity. This creativity can be anything from picking up a paintbrush to wordsmithing some prose of narrative, to making a simple pot on a throwers wheel to welding metal into something that means something. Isn’t that the true meaning of creativity? 


When we express our art in whatever form that may be, our world evolves. It gains depth; it gains richness; it gains the ability to touch others, to uplift them, to give them fresh energy and everyone of those things, simply by engaging their hearts with us and our words.

All of us become part of that art. Because we can feel, to understand, to sing, to cry, to create, to laugh, to dream, to love, to make love, to create art or any of those things, we are the only ones that can make this happen. 

The artist has the responsibility of helping us to understand and use this capacity and create our own art. As I go out there today, I’m going to do my best to bring light, to bring far-reaching ideas and spiritual truths to people. I want what I do to be so alive that the ideas have entrance into all who come before me, to the many words that I speak out of my own experience of being human. Because we are indeed the creation of our own experience, the creation of each of us as we meet, grow up with and become in some physical capacity the stars that we are here to reflect ourselves onto.

And I get reminded there is too much insincerity in the world today, and too many things I see that truly aren’t me.

I see far too much of that, whereas a few years ago I would not have so easily and blindly accepted everything that was being said. I see too many people, and I see much hate and violence and cruelty and greed and indiscretion and fraud in this great place.

This insincerity, violence and cruelty is a choice. It’s a conscious decision that is made when the choice of good is ignored, and why?

This was before I first turned my back on my conditioning and my programming, and I slowly saw what I thought I wanted and what I didn’t want.

What will you choose today, to bring light into your life, or will choose the darkness? The abyss of searching when the simple truth of what we seek is in the clarity of light. In light, we have meaning… Something.

The more I infiltrate the world, the more I see how changing the system is not only possible but how easy it is to do and immensely beneficial and fulfilling. I saw the potential for survival and prosperity for all people, and the collective desires of the collective and how change would affect us all, and how we could actually bring the world into a more beautiful place.

My art centres around the words that filter through my mind. A jumble of chaos, gibberish even, that used to be tabulated in a negative spin. Negativity is so damaging. It leaves your physiological systems in a state of flux, wanting to make you fight or just… Flight.

I have learned to arrange the words in something that brings love and joy to my soul. Nurture for most of my childhood and young adult life was completely absent, that programming that we talk about in therapy was wired dangerously, so dangerous that even my own thoughts scared me, and now?

I have peace; I have love. My soul receives an abundance of nourishment and that’s because there is a group of people that surround me and feed me the right kind of love, the right kind of art. 

Something that has saved me.

What will your art be today?


Harvester, by Jon Biddle
Harvester, by Jon Biddle
Harvester, by Jon Biddle
Harvester, by Jon Biddle

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