by Jon Biddle

Writing Challenge


So this is day one of my own NaNoWriMo, for those that don’t know what is, is an international creative movement that runs a writing challenge in November every year, called the aforementioned title, which stands for National November Writing Month. I have challenge myself to write an entire novel, around 80K words by mid June. The book is called Origami, and I think looking at the outline, is probably the sickest, and twisted book that I have had to write. So much so, I have had an extra session with Jane, my beleaguered and psychologically battered therapist because the outline triggered my C-PTSD a little. She thinks it’s a disgusting book, and form a therapising point of view, I should bash the book out. She did foot note that with a nod and wink for a copy for herself, just for her records of course.  

Anyway, two hours are booked in the diary for today, and going forward, I should cream a minimum of 21K words per week, getting me into the mid June window. I’ll post in social media fees how this is panning out. Maybe ask for some input, and get reader based suggestions as the story unfolds. It’s going to be brutal and a mental workout, gonna need my beauty sleep in between writing sessions. 

Hope you guys have a great week, don’t forget to click the link above and enjoy my podcast, links below for books and social media.

Keeping it real.


Murder Montly

Have you heard of Murder Monthly?

Murder Monthly is a subscription based short story, sent to you monthly. In that short story is the research from some societies’ most heinous killers. The twist of this is a fictional story that I have also included in the toe small eBook.

So if you like a bit of crime with your coffee or you find yourself at a loose end and some time to kill, hit the link.


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